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3d Paintings Online

Did you know that 3D Paintings was first mentioned in Ancient Greece, where two painters were tricking each other with optical illusion paintings? With that said, this art form has existed in centuries. Today, there are still used as a form of expression to marketing. If you are interested in buying 3D paintings online, you can check out these sources.

Kurt Wenner

A body of water with a mountain in the background

This artist was raised in America and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center in California. He then went to Italy to study and learn about classical art. 3D street art entered his portfolio started in 1984 and worked with various festivals to make this well-known. His most recent work was his 2010 street art that commemorated the ban of GMO in the EU.

As of the moment, you can contact him directly on his website to buy 3D paintings online. It will come in the form of a commission, and he can also do one for you in person. The cost may depend on the painting’s purpose to how it will be displayed.

Julian Beever

A girl sitting on a table

This British artist started making his 3D paintings since the middle of 1990s. He became inspired in creating this art form while he attended the 1983 Stonehenge Free Festival. After failed attempts of impressing people with a puppet theatre, he started drawing using sidewalk chalk, and the rest is history.

His form of art commissions comes as creating pavement chalk paintings or drawings. You can contact him through his website to discuss the details of the arrangement, such as commercial use and which even he has to create it for. He can also give an hour-long presentation for people to feel inspired to work as an artist.

Edgar Mueller

He is one of the few artists given the title maestro madonnari, which translates to master street painter. This title was given to him since 1998. This German-born artist since then put up an online forum for street painters and taught people various works of art. His 3D painting style makes use of making use of the area he will draw it on and make a grandeur illusion through his years of experience.

If you want to ask him to have one made for you, you can forward your request to him through his website. You can also see samples of his work through his gallery, such as Duality, Save Me, and Lava Burst. He also placed his number on that site to help you get contact with him faster.

Nikolaj Arndt

Unlike the previous artists, he entered the world of 3D paintings in 2009 when he lived in Germany. The Russian-born artist got his education through a Pedagogic Artist College and explored his passion while staying in Ivanovo for ten years. At the moment, he is working with various galleries and ad agencies while teaching in a private art school.

You can email him to request him to do a 3D painting for you. Aside from that, you can fill out a form on his webpage. You can take a look at his previous works as well, which range from illustrations of animals to a recreation of Cut the Rope, an Android game.

Manfred Stader

Stader got his background in art when he was studying in Frankfurt, Germany in the early 1980s. In 1985, he was awarded the title of Master Madonnaro at the Grazie di Curtatone in Italy. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to include his unique painting style through stickers and billboards.

For each commission, it will take six to eight days to finish, depending on its complexity. It starts by meeting the Stader to discuss the details of the painting, including whether it will be drawn or placed on a canvas, sticker, or billboard. Once a design has been agreed, the painting will be created. He can also participate in press conferences regarding its unveiling, if necessary as well.


As we have seen, there are lots of artists who are willing to let us get our 3D paintings online. With that in mind, take note that you can select nearly any subject, from landscapes to living beings. Make sure to prepare for the installation, especially with the attention it will bring.

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